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In December 2021, following the adoption of Strategic Plan 2.0, the Foundation updated its strategic grantmaking priorities. These are the programs areas where the Foundation will proactively pursue partners and solutions and which will receive the lion’s share of the Foundation’s program funding. 


In no particular order, the Foundation's strategic grantmaking priorities are:

  • Library upgrades and programming

  • Athletic field and park improvements

  • Education 

  • Social and human services

  • Community-building 

  • Community health, safety, and wellness

  • Economic vitality

  • Youth and recreation activities


Do you have ideas of community needs you would like to see addressed through the Foundation's strategic grantmaking?  If so, please send it to us HERE!




Learn about the variety of projects benefiting

the San Bruno community that the Foundation

is funding with strategic grants:


  • COVID-19 Relief Grants

    • Teacher Laptop Initiative to Support Distance Learning

    • Home Internet Access for Low-Income San Bruno Students

    • San Mateo County Strong Small Business Grant Program

    • San Bruno Small Business Recovery and Assistance Program (two grants)

    • Child Care Relief Fund 

    • School Field Trip and Assembly Grant

  • First Responder Effectiveness Strategic Initiative

    • Emergency Shelter Supplies

    • Critical Facilities Site Assessments, Incident Action Plans, and Joint Public Safety Training

    • Police Officer Mindfulness, Compassion, and Resiliency Training

    • Mobile Command Vehicle


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