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In late 2020, the Board of Directors of the San Bruno Community Foundation launched a three-part strategic planning process on future program and investment strategies once the Foundation has fully disbursed $50 million to the City of San Bruno for the design and construction of a new Recreation and Aquatic Center (RAC) for the San Bruno community:


  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) training, led by Dr. Rona Halualani of Halualani & Associates, for the Board to examine internal biases/leanings and adopt practices that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in the Foundation’s decision-making processes and communications. 


  • Community Listening Campaign 2.0, led by the Public Dialogue Consortium (PDC), to solicit from members of the San Bruno community feedback on the Foundation’s programs thus far and input on current community needs and a vision for the Foundation going forward.


  • Strategic planning deliberations by the Board, facilitated by Dr. Shawn Spano of PDC, to develop a forward-looking plan articulating the Foundation’s program and investment strategies once its investment portfolio decreases after the Recreation and Aquatic Center is funded, its role in the community, and the size and scope of its ongoing operations. 


In response to the feedback received during Community Listening Campaign 2.0, as a result of the strategic planning deliberations, and while embracing a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, in September 2021 the Board formally adopted Strategic Plan 2.0. In adopting Strategic Plan 2.0, the Board:

  • Affirmed the Foundation’s Program Strategy Framework, as originally approved by the SBCF Board on October 7, 2015, and by the San Bruno City Council on November 10, 2015, including the Foundation’s purpose, vision, and mission statements, guiding principles, funding criteria, program categories, and three-bucket program strategy.


  • Approved updates to the Foundation's investment strategy, once it has fully disbursed the $50 million in RAC grants to the City of San Bruno, including:


* Quasi-Endowment starting balance: $25 million

* Annual Quasi-Endowment payout target: $1.75 million, adjusted annually for inflation

* Quasi-Endowment spend-down time horizon: Approximately 20 years

* Strategy formally revisited by the Board: At least once every five years

  • Committed to the following operational activities:

* Maintain current program-focused business model

* Ensure diversity in the composition of the Board of Directors and grant and scholarship review panels

* Increase visibility and awareness of the Foundation’s programs, spending decisions, and program results

* Continue to invest wisely to ensure broad community benefits

* Continue current process for developing annual budget

* Create ad hoc committee to identify strategic grantmaking priorities and assess potential strategic grant opportunities

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