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In late 2020, the Foundation began a three-part strategic planning process on the future of the Foundation once the Foundation has fully disbursed $50 million to the City of San Bruno for the design and construction of a new Recreation and Aquatic Center for the San Bruno community.


In early 2021, the Board engaged in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) training, led by Dr. Rona Halualani of Halualani & Associates, to examine internal biases/leanings and adopt practices that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in the Foundation’s decision-making processes and communications.


The second part - Community Listening Campaign 2.0 - kicked off in late February and ran through late April. Led by consultants from the Public Dialogue Consortium (PDC), the campaign consisted of an online survey, seven focus groups, and two virtual town hall meetings to solicit from a broad cross-section of the San Bruno community feedback on the Foundation’s current programs and input on community needs and a vision for the Foundation going forward. The outreach focused on three sets of questions related to what community members think about the Foundation's work thus far, what are the most critical community needs now, and recommendations for the next phase of the Foundation’s work.

At the conclusion of Listening Campaign 2.0, PDC compiled a report documenting its findings, including appreciations, process recommendations, input on current community needs, investment strategies, and program strategies, and a summary of town hall reactions to the results. 

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