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For the 2019-2020 cycle, the San Bruno Community Foundation is awarding Community Grants totaling $300,000 to local organizations for 29 programs that benefit the San Bruno community. The Foundation is pleased to partner with YouTube/Google.Org, which provided $100,000 of the grant funds being distributed, on the Community Grants Fund this year. The grant awards include:


  • $10,000 to Bay Area Bioscience Education Community to provide San Bruno high school and community college teachers with the technical skills, knowledge, and resources to empower them to teach biotechnology curriculum.



  • $22,000 to Catholic Worker Hospitality House for the continued operation of its emergency homeless shelter located at St. Bruno’s Catholic Church in downtown San Bruno.


  • $8,000 to the City of San Bruno to support the Narita, Japan Sister City Exchange Program, which offers a cultural and educational exchange between San Bruno and Narita middle school students, in its 30th anniversary year.


  • $10,000 to CORA (Community Overcoming Relationship Abuse) to provide San Bruno families impacted by intimate partner abuse with 24-hour access to crisis intervention services, including crisis counseling, safety planning, and access to emergency shelter.


  • $10,000 to Edgewood Center for Children and Families to provide support services to kinship families (where relatives assume parenting responsibilities when children can no longer remain with parents, thereby preventing the need for those children to be placed in foster care) in San Bruno.

  • $3,000 to Junior Achievement of Northern California to provide workforce readiness training, including in-class curriculum and on-site shadowing with Bay Area employers, to underserved students at Capuchino High School through the Youth Economic Empowerment Program.



  • $10,000 to Legal Aid Society of San Mateo County to provide legal assistance to San Bruno residents facing eviction or living in substandard conditions with the goal of keeping them in their homes through the HomeSavers Program.

  • $15,000 to LifeMoves to provide shelter and comprehensive supportive services to homeless families from San Bruno at its Family Crossroads facility.


  • $5,000 to the Marine Science Institute to provide students from low-income San Bruno schools with engaging and interactive marine science instruction through the Discover Our Bay program.


  • $15,000 to My Digital TAT2 to educate San Bruno Park School District 4th and 5th graders, parents, and teachers on building healthy online habits, behavior, and critical thinking skills.



  • $5,000 to Parents Helping Parents, Inc. to empower San Bruno parents to effectively advocate for their special needs children and navigate the educational, legal, and social service systems of care.



  • $10,000 to Peninsula Conflict Resolution Center to educate youth in San Bruno’s Pacific Islander community on diabetes prevention and treatment through the Pacific Islander Health Ambassador Program.


  • $20,000 to Peninsula Volunteers, Inc., to increase food security and alleviate hunger of older adults and those with disabilities in San Bruno through proper nutritional support and the home delivery of hot meals.


  • $15,000 to Rape Trauma Services to provide a wide array of prevention and healing services for survivors of sexual abuse/assault in San Bruno.

  • $8,000 to Rising Sun Center for Opportunity to provide residential energy- and
    water-efficiency services in the local community and professional development opportunities for San Bruno high school students.

  • $10,000 to Samoan Solutions for a Samoan cultural educational workshop series, culminating in a stage performance of Samoan legends open to all San Bruno residents.


  • $25,000 to San Bruno Education Foundation to support Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math programming in the San Bruno Park School District by empowering teachers and staff to develop Next Generation Science Standard teaching methodologies and promote problem-solving skills and technological competency in students.


  • $3,000 to the Society of West-Coast Artists to host a month-long exhibition of visual artwork by art students at Skyline College and other local colleges at its gallery in downtown San Bruno.


  • $5,000 to StarVista to provide at-risk San Bruno parents and caregivers with support group services that build parent/caregiver capacity, increase their knowledge of stressor impacts and available resources, help them establish supportive networks, improve the caregiver-child relationship, and reduce the causes and effects of toxic stress.


  • $5,000 to Upward Scholars to provide language skills, financial assistance, and mentoring to low-income students, many of them adult immigrants, enrolled in college/vocational classes at Skyline College and participating in the Upward Scholars program.


  • $900 to YMCA of San Francisco to provide diapers to low-income San Bruno families with young children through the YMCA's Community Resource Center.

  • $17,000 to YMCA of San Francisco to provide mental health services, including crisis intervention and group and individual counseling, to students at Parkside Intermediate School.

DSC_0966 (3).JPG

At the December 4, 2019, SBCF Board meeting, Marilyn Baker-Venturini of Peninsula Volunteers, Inc., explained her organization's efforts to support seniors and adults with disabilities in San Bruno with the home delivery of hot meals and other nutritional assistance, which the Foundation is funding with a $20,000 grant.

DSC_1022 (2).JPG

Peter Stiehler shared with the Board the supportive services Catholic Worker Hospitality House provides in San Bruno to the homeless at St. Bruno's Church.  For the past three years, SBCF has supported this program with grant funding.

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For the second year, the Foundation is funding My Digital TAT2's digital literacy efforts in San Bruno.  My Digital TAT2 provides healthy online habits workshops to 4th and 5th graders in the San Bruno Park School District, as well as to their parents and teachers.  

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